Stony Point's 83rd Annual Online Auction

The largest PTO fundraiser of the year

The Online Auction is the largest fundraiser for the Stony Point PTO.

The auction traditionally features gift certificates to many local businesses, tickets to museums, art work, teacher excursions, and class projects.

Parents have helped raise well over $21,000 to supplement the instructional program in previous years. This was in large part due to the Stony Point Auction.

The PTO uses the funds to enhance the learning experiences at Stony Point Elementary.

In the past, the PTO has funded half the cost for field trips for all grade levels, provided teacher stipends for classroom supplies, purchased teaching materials, and much more.

The PTO also organizes community gatherings, as well as hospitality events to help support our teachers and staff throughout the school year.

See our PTO Funding page for more information on how the PTO contributes to Stony Point.

Help us make our next online auction a great success!

BUSINESS OWNERS: Consider making a donation (item or service) to be sold at our online auction next year

ALL PARENTS: Consider asking some of your favorite businesses for a donation (item or service) to be sold at our online auction

Auction Class Projects 2017/2018

With the help of every student, each class at Stony Point created a project to be sold at the Online Auction.

Class Auction Projects are displayed in the main hallway prior to, and during the auction.

Parent volunteers are in charge of helping to create these projects. Consider leading a project for your child's class next school year!