Funding and Expenses

Below you will find a list of the main things that the PTO funds for our school.

How can you help?

Please see our auction and donation pages for ways that you can contribute to the PTO!


The PTO funded Stony Point's STEAM Lab! Check out coverage here!

Field Trips

The PTO provides funding for field trips! 

Professional Development

The PTO provides funding for additional Professional Development.

In 2016-2017, the PTO funded Professional Development in the Responsive Classroom teaching model that touched all Stony Point staff. 

Junior Library Guild Membership

The PTO funds a membership to the Junior Library Guild.

This membership provides new, high-quality children’s literature for our library each month. These books are on display and actively shared with all Stony Point students. 

Gardens & Grounds

The PTO provides funds to enhance the gardens and grounds at Stony Point. 

This includes funds for maintenance of the Japanese Garden, the Math garden, and the Aquarium. It also provides additional mulch for the beginning of the school year. 

Community Events

The PTO funds large community events for our school each year!

Staff Appreciation Lunches

The PTO funds a catered lunch for all Stony Point staff at the beginning of each school year and also on the last day of school, along with other events throughout the year!

Athletic Equipment

The PTO funded the purchase of 2 new, “industrial strength” soccer goals for the outdoor playing field, as well as various other PE supplies. 

Musical Instruments

Over the years, the PTO has been able to help the music program purchase a wide variety of instruments.